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Massage, as the oldest treatment method, has an extraordinary importance for treatment, follow-up treatment and illnesses prevention. This method helps in cases of exhaustion; it improves our health and boosts whole resistance of a man. Massages are performed by skilled massage therapists having knowledge of anatomy as well as physiology.

Before massage I recommend to warm yourselfup in bath or sauna. Warming up your body and muscle release increases effect of massage, moreover it prolongs its effectiveness.

After massage (especially honey massage and aromatherapy one) I recommend to drink as much liquid as possible whereas there is a high amount of toxins released and it is necessary to get them out as soon as possible.

Please do call massage therapist´s attention to your high blood pressure, possible traumatogenic or postoperative states.

Type of massage Duration Price


Massage is a set of specific touches preformed manually by a massage therapist on the client´s body with a preventive or therapeutic view. There is a number of touches from classical massage supplemented with many touches from lymphatic drainage massage affecting your lymphatic flow and lots of touches from pressure Chinese massage appealing to your acupressure points.

Massage effect:
It enhances blood circulation and softens your skin, improves skin cells development; it counteracts wrinkles creation, your skin becomes more resistant to environment influences, it acts positively on your psychic, quality of sleep and even distant organs; it destroys fat cells and subcutaneous fat disposition, lymphatic ways motion, it decrease varices creation, increases muscle performance and also decrease their painfulness and it improves oxygen exchange, blood flow and also heart activity

Hepatitis, HIV (AIDS), cutaneous fungus and skin illnesses, other infectious illnesses, gaping wounds and recent skin scratches, stains, warts on the skin, birthmarks under skin, varices, higher temperature of client.

local head, neck, hands, legs front and back 15min 7,30 €
back 20min. 8,90 €
partial back + neck seated or lower limbs 30min. 12,20 €
complete shortened, legs from back + back + neck 45min. 18,90 €
complete, whole body 60min. 23,50 €


Massage similar to classical one preformed in higher movement with bigger intensity of pressure and frequency of each individual pulling. It is suitable before a sport performance to prepare sportsman or after an excessive load, fatigue after sport activity.


The simplest form of pressure massage – acupressure has been used by human being for a very long time. Pressure of fingers on individual spots has been used for pain control. The basics of acupressure to act on points by means of fingers or needles – acupuncture were laid in ancient China were people were aware of pathways in your body – meridiansand on them 365 points already 4000 years ago. Not until 6th century it gradually got to Japan and other Eastern countries and in 17th century to Europe.
In case of failure or disease of an organ in your body, its pertaining point becomes sensible to pressure. If we irritate this point,we irritate particular organ as well and incite it to improve its activity. Eastern medicine talks about circulation of life force energy chi; balance of two forces yin and yang. It aims to heal your body and soul at the same time and reach their mutual balance and harmony. Advantage of acupressure is that it does not use processes that could be harmful for organism. On the contrary it tries to brace your energies and defence forces of your body, normalize and tune natural physiological operations. Besides it has significant painkilling, anti-inflammatory and calming effects, it acts in case of allergic diseases. Advantage is its simplicity and safety. This massage is well tolerated by children and also sensible people. It shortens treatment duration and helps to reduce amount of drug taking.


Unknown abdominal pain, headaches of uncertain origin, temperatures, disturbed skin, gaping wounds, warts, ulcers, varices on the points, some points in pregnancy mainly VU67

local, problem parts upon agreement 15min. 8,30 €
partial, problem parts upon agreement 30min. 13,60 €

Cosmetic massage

cosmetic lymphatic drainage, face and neckline 30min. 12,60 €
cosmetic lymphatic drainage, face and neckline 45min. 19,20 €


Treatment by means of essential oils is the method as old as humankind. Plants have been considered for ages to be food as well as medicament. Aromatherapy means using aroma from plants for purpose of altering well-being of our body and mind. It is a natural treatment using concentrated energies of essential oils extracted from plants with a connection of massage, friction, inhalation, compresses. Aromatherapy forms part of natural alternative medicine. Itis an ideal way to prevent illnesses and keep the balance of your body, mind and soul; it helps to self-treatment ability of our body.
Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant and safest natural therapies for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental problems.
Aromatherapy is accompanied by raindrop technique RDT. This technique requires usage of one of the highest quality oils -Young Living Essential Oils (YL) representing top quality in the world.
Each essential oil contains live and vibrations of a plant from which was produced, itis not soluble in water.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, very sensitive skin, gaping wounds on your back

raindrop technique 60min. 40,60 €


Massage of the lymphatic system with effect of washing away fatigue, waste and toxic substances from cells, in cases of edemas and oedemas. The massage is advisable after operations ( mainly breast operation, orthopaedic operation of bones, joints, meniscus), after accidents, burns, skin diseases, dermatology problems (acne on face, chest, backside), varicose ulcer, after sudden heart attack, neurologic diseases (nerves paralysis), migraine, rheumatologic diseases, coxarthrosis, bechterew disease, arthrosis of arm joint, chronic constipation, in case of sportsmen excessive load mainly lower limbs. In case of healthy clients it improves blood circulation, psychic, metabolism, vegetative retuning of organism.

1.Massage of lymph nodes, specific massage
This special massage requires extra technical as well as time demandingness what reflexes on its very high effectiveness and pleasant feeling throughout application. The massage directly acts on lymphatic system. It supports surplus water outflow in the cells what causes releasing from swelling of legs, eyes and bags under the eyes. It has beneficial effect on removal of metabolites and fastens regeneration of whole organism. Regular application in the area of thighs and back part causes reduction of fat cells.

2.Lymphodrainage of the face and décolletage
It regenerates your skin, refreshes, limits wrinkles creation and releases stress from your face. It removes fatigue, swelling around your eyes, circles under your eyes. It boosts hydration of your face from inside; itis suitable after plastic operations or accidents. Lymphodrainage is very effective in case ofacne as well.

3. Lymphodrainage massage
This massage represents the only physiological way of skin and subcutaneous treatment which can cause its regeneration. Itis also advisable for people with varices. It influences smoothing of recent scars; it has calmative effect on rheumatic pains arthrosis (arthronosos). The massage releases stress from your body, opens airways, improves state of internal organs. Itis very effective in swelling of lower and upper limbs. It is very advisable after radiation therapy. This massage can stop and partially remove cellulitis.
Cellulitis (lipohypertrophy) known as orange peel look of skin affects almost 90% of women. Most often in the area of thighs, hips and back part of body. It causes hormone contraception, wrong diet, lack of movement, smoking.

When you are ill or have higher temperature, incurable tumour disease, skin allergy or eczema, serious heart illness, acute phlebitis or skin inflammation, acute bronchitis or asthma, birthmark which could bleed, itis forbidden to perform massage in the abdomen area in case of pregnancy and during menstruation, in case of thyroid increased activity shall be consulted doctor

local 30min. 13,90 €
partial 45min. 20,50 €
partial 60min. 25,50 €
complete 90min. 40,50 €
foot reflexology I. 30min. 13,60 €
foot reflexology I. + II. 45min. 19,60 €


It is a traditional Chinese treatment by means of overheating aiming to boost ill person with lost or lower bioenergy by means of heat. Primarily this treatment is suitable for chronic diseases caused by coldor humidity, bronchitis, gastritis,diarrhoea, constipation, the small of the back pain, menstrual disorder, arthritis, psychical depressions, low blood pressure. Overheating by moxa uses 100 active points, most often it is preformed by so called moxa (wormwood) cigarettes about 1-2cm about a point, within the length of 10-20min.
Cupping as well as moxibustion should be combined with mentioned massages to reach better effect.


On soft parts of your skull, your nipples, in lower abdomen and the small of the back of pregnant woman


Cupping treatment or cupping massage means to put cupping-glass with hot ait on your skin. When gradually it cools down there is under pressure through open pores on your skin the harmful substances are washed away from your body, you release from pain and the function of particular organ moderates. Cupping massage shall take 20- 30 minutes

moxation, cupping 20min. 9,90 €
moxation, cupping 30min. 13,20 €


Detox massages by means of honey represent old methods of treatment originating in Russia. When massaging by means of bee honey your body is being relieved from toxins. The toxins get to a surface of your skin and bind to honey which transforms to a gum mass. The mass is washed away at the end of the massage. Duration of the massage is 20 to 30 minutes depends on a patient

Honey can be used in various ways e.g. in milk, coffee, tea or in water. Soluble honey can be added to yogurts or curd. In alcohol solution it can be good for gargling or as a mouthwash. Within folk medicine treatments honey was dissolved in boiled water and used as enema (clyster) or directly applied on wounds. Honey shall not be heated more than 40-50C, higher temperatures destroy its enzymatic components.

Besides organism detox honey massage has very positive effect on problems with blood pressure, allergies (except honey allergy) rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervous disorders, problems with sleep, dischargesand menstruation problems, depressions, weak conditions due to ageing process, slow recovery after serious illnesses. Furthermore this massage is very convenient in case of vitality weakening, functional illnesses of pancreas, seminal power failure and infertility.

Honey massage helps in all diseases caused by toxic substances from environment, from not excluded parts of drugs, amalgam filling activity.
To reach better effectiveness it is recommended 1 hour before massage avoid using water and swimming pools and after honey massage leave honey to actuate as detox and not to go to swimming pools and showers.

when suffering honey allergy, areas of gaping wounds, eczema and rashes, bleeding state, stomach ulcer, infectious illnesses, high blood and eye pressure, lymphedema, higher temperature

Honey massage ** 30min. 13,90 €


Itis a kind of fine manual therapy. This methodis very safe because there is no risk of blood clots releasing while performing abrupt stretching of tissue structures (as in other methods). It is suitable in case of different length of lower limbs (if itis not a case of congenital abnormality) scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis etc. Joints and vertebra can by thanks to this method placed to right position with a millimetre precision by natural free movement of man without untoward side effects. Moreover this movement keeps from any dislocation from normal position. Itis performed by pendulous motion of counter hand or leg. Considerate method in contrast to pulling that can cause myotasis or sprained ligament structures or disabling energy pathways and body fluids and causing a shock for your body. Dorn method is advisable to be complemented with Breuss method or cupping.

Osteoporosis in advance state, acute inflammations (it shall be waited until they are over), Bechterews disease (vertebras must not be treated when they are already connate) itis possible to treat joint, injuries and fractures ( after 6-8 weeks when they are healed) after discs and hip joint operation ( after 4 week itis possible)tumours, oncological patients, if there are tumours in the spine itis suitable Breuss massage with healing magnetism and reiki energy healing


It is an ideal supplement to Dorn method so the client reaches release. It is also used as a preparation for setting vertebral column right because the client has strained musculature, tissue release by means of massage. The massage is also an independent form of therapy, it is highly recommended as relaxation and prevention. Displaced thoracic or coxal vertebrae can be very often been placed to the right position painlessly.
Mainly it acts upon urocyst meridian, releases blockade and spiritual stress.This massage is suitable mainly in painful problems ischialgia or „ischialgia houser“ it is usually the only method tolerated by clients. When applying this method discs can be optimally and saturate with energy once again.
This method uses oil of slender St. John´s wort oil base dissolving muscular spasm and strains. Therefore after Breuss massage itis recommended to let oil act and avoid going to swimming pools and showers.
Dorn and Breuss methods are applied for joints and vertebrae redressement and the whole statics is balanced. Psychical and physical blocks are released. Itis a process curing causes if a cause is liquidated also the symptoms disappear.

Similar as in case of Dorn method osteoporosis in advanced state, acute inflammations ( itis necessary to wait until there are over), tumours, recent after operation state, recent injuries, artificial joint replacements

Breuss and Dorn method * 30min. 13,60 €
Breuss and Dorn method * 45min. 19,60 €


It is mainly performed on your feet where are reflexive spots or points corresponding individual organs, glands and body structures. Each body block provokes immediate reaction – sensibility up to pain in reflex spotwhich on your foot correspond to particular organ. Actuating on these spots you get rid of these blocks and your organism releases moreover its harmony will be restored once again. Further contribution is relaxation, stress release helps to improve your blood circulation, blocked function of your nervous system is renewed – stimulant to start up a self-treatment mechanism. Reflexology massage is performed 30 minutes on musculoskeletal system or 45 minutes on complete musculoskeletal system with internal organs.

Gaping wounds, fungus, warts, infectious inflammation symptoms

foot reflexology I. 30min. 13,60 €
foot reflexology I. + II. 45min. 19,60 €


Relaxation massage, it is convenient mainly in case of backache and whole body due to overload and stress. It has prophylactic effect and minimum contraindications. By means of relaxation oil it counteracts against stress, depression and tiredness it has relaxing effect.

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